It’s back
17th Sep 201415:599 notes
5th Aug 201400:2313 notes
Fresh out of the shower, nites
3rd Aug 201423:1216 notes
Last night
Life is good
21st Jul 201417:3814 notes
Good morning ‘merica, shower time
16th Jul 201412:4316 notes
Med school is officially over!! Now the best is yet to come
Oh hi
24th Jun 201415:1825 notes
Lazy monday
16th Jun 201418:264 notes
my bedroom is an oven :(
fucking melting
4th Jun 201403:0344 notes
Can’t sleep :(
18th May 201403:515 notes
¿Algún remedio para las ojeras o el insomnio?
27th Apr 201403:541 note
Time to get ready
26th Apr 201421:5710 notes
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